Company profile

Almaden Swiss is founded in 2018, as a branch office of Changzhou Almaden Co., Ltd. for his market in Europe.

Changzhou Almaden Co.,Ltd. ( is the world’s largest producer of anti-reflective coated (ARC) glass and ultrathin physically tempered glass, we are leading the way in solar glass industry. Founded in 2006, we have 40M sqm annual capacity of ARC glass and 1500MW annual capacity of glass-glass Solar Modules. We have 1500 employees worldwide.

Led by 20 Ph.Ds, researchers and 130 engineers specializing in various areas, such as chemistry, nano materials, semi conductor and photovoltaic technology, Almaden continues to lead the way. Almaden is in close cooperation with Taiwan University and Chinese Academy of Science to broaden the company’s research development. Investment in research and development is the foundation and prerequisite of innovative product development. Almaden is focusing on ultra-thin glass-glass solar module development and is striving to bring the customers the most competitive products with high added value. Advanced testing and research equipments are constantly introduced to keep the company at the forefront of technology shift.

Almaden will never stop being creative. With light weight era ahead of us, Almaden has taken the lead in developing 4mm glass-glass module with 1.6mm physically tempered glass and is continually focusing its technology strength on developing 3mm ultralight glass-glass module. Meanwhile, targeting the BIPV market, Almaden has also developed photovoltaic double glazing products which will replace the conventional building materials with energy generating PV modules.

Company history

2006 : Almaden was founded in Changzhou, China (

2011 : Changzhou Almaden Co., Ltd. listed in Shenzhen Stock Market, China.

2014 : Almaden Mena in Dubai was founded with annual capacity of 100MW Glass-glass PV production (

2017 : Almaden increased his capacity of production to 1500MW. It owns about 300MW of solar plant in China

2018 : Almaden Swiss was founded in Switzerland (